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About Us

 Pam, Hailey and Mark would like to welcome you to Crimson Sky Vizslas. Though these pages we hope you will get to know us and the Vizsla we love.


 As of 2020 Crimson dogs have won (VCA) Vizsla Club of America National Championships, National AKC Championships (NVA) National Vizsla Assosiation National Championships. They have won NVA Regional (Midwest Shooting Dog Championships) as well as winning the Midwest Vizsla Futurity.

CSV dogs have also placed in countless National field events by the VCA, AKC, NVA and American Field. They have won and placed in the conformation ring as well as countless local field trials all across the country. Below is a brief listing of a few highlights. For a more complete account visit our Vizsla News page.

 2019 Ruger inducted into the VCA Hall of Fame

  2019 was a big year for Gauge. He won his first National at the VCA NGDC held in Pennsylvania after placing at several National events.

 At only 2 years old Gauge placed 3rd in the Vizsla Club of America National Championship. A major accomplishment for any dog.

2016 Gauge placed 4th at the NAFC in Mingo Junction. His  brothers Gunnar placed 2nd and Deuce received and award of merit.

2015 at his last National Rigby placed in the VCA NAFC held in Cheyenne Wyoming.

2015 Dakota finished both her Amateur Field Championship and Field Championship  

2016 Mark handled Zoey to a win at the 2016 NGDC and another CSV dog received an award of merit.

2011 Ruger sired the 1st, 3rd, and 4th place Vizsla Club of America National puppy winners.

   2012 Ruger again sired the VCA 1st and 3rd place National Puppies.

At almost 12 years old Ruger added to his resume  a 3rd place placement in the Vizsla Club of America National Gun Dog Championship.

for a more comprehensive list of accomplishments visit our Vizsla News page.  


We have produced both conformation and field champions, hunting dogs as well as agility, obedience and house pets. We have always tried to strive to produce the “Dual Vizsla”, one that will excel in both the field and show ring. We breed for temperament, intelligence drive and bid ability. It took us a while to get to the point we are now, but it all started as a thought and a dream when we purchased our first Vizsla puppy – her name was Madison. She was our foundation bitch and will be forever missed.

Through her our lives were forever changed.


Madison joined our family as a part time hunting dog for Mark and Pam’s full time companion. It didn’t stop there! Through Madi, we were introduced into many different facets of the Vizsla world – hunt tests, field trials, conformation, agility and puppies. We then decided that one was not enough, typical among Vizsla owners. Our second Vizsla was Ruger.

Ruger was a wonderful dog out of our Madi bred to Raany. He was owned by Jim and Linda Busch of Busch Vizslas. Jim and Linda helped us in this endeavor from day one. they helped us to learn the field trial game and taught us about breeding. We thank them for their guidance along the way.

   Ruger went on the be the highest Nationally titled Vizsla in history. In 2019 Ruger was inducted into the VCA Hall of Fame. As you read through these pages you will find the rest is history.


All of our Vizslas hunt hard and come home to be our pets. It is very common for the family to watch TV or play in the yard together. Our daughter and dogs are best friends.  Hailey can be found playing dog show, or dress up with the dogs. She also helps in the yard with field training. We are very active with our dogs. We hunt, field trial, hunt test and show our dogs in the conformation ring. When we are not competing with our dogs, they live in the house as part of the family. Competitions with our dogs are a family affair.  We pack up the RV with horses, dogs and the family and away we go.


We are currently members of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club, Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta, Vizsla Club of America (VCA), the Vizsla Club of Illinois (VCOI), Vizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee (VCGM), and the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club (CWVC). We support the Vizsla Club of Easter Iowa (VCEI), the Vizlsa Club of Michigan and the Gateway Vizsla Club (GWVC). Pam was the Vizsla Club of Illinois President and has served as a board member. Pam also coordinated the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club Rescue program for over 3 years. Pam and I own an all breed dog and cat grooming shop named “Paws-Abilities”.  

Mark has served on the board for the Vizsla Club of America, Vizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee, Vizsla Club of Illinois VCOI, and the Lake Superior Vizsla Club, Mark has chaired events for the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club and the Vizsla Club of Illinois. Including field trials hunt tests and organizing the Vizsla Club of Illinois training day. Mark was also the Standing Chair for the Midwest Vizsla Futurity, an American Kennel Club (AKC) Field Trial Judge and Hunt Test Judge. For many years Mark has been the photographer for the Vizsla Club of America field trials. you can view many of his photos on the VCA website. 

Our belief is you should give back to the Vizsla breed by helping to mentor new vizsla owners and members of the clubs. 

We have recently moved to central Florida and started a new chapter in life. although we no longer have the acreage and horses we are as active as ever in the dog world. You can usually find Mark out in the field training the dogs or helping other Vizsla owners learn to train their own dogs. We are regularly heading to the surrounding states for local trials and anyplace in the country for National events


Please browse through these pages to learn more about us, Vizslas as a breed and the dogs we love.  We hope you become as passionate about the vizsla as we are.

Pam & Mark Spurgeon 

Akc Vizsla breeder of merit 01

Mark and Pam Spurgeon Receive

Breeder of Merit from AKC