Crimson Sky Vizslas


FC Crimson’s Don’t Bogart that Joint

VCA NGDC 14 Rex & Bogart

What’s in a name?  There has been a lot of discussions about his name. First we didn’t name him, and second its a reference to Humphrey Bogart. Bogart is from a Holly Breeding to Ruger. He was in a wonderful home with tons of love. Due to unfortunate circumstances he was given back to us. He has been running in Gun dog stakes and Championships. He earned many placements in puppy and derby and is placing in Gun Dog Stakes. He is a little headstrong, with big range and lots of style. He is great with kids, pups and other dogs. Look for him in trials around the Midwest. At this point Bogart is living with Bill Stapleton of Ramblin River Vizslas. Look for Bill or I to handle Bogart at local trials.

Bogart has been making a great showing at local trials. He has consistently been running, handling and placing with Bill at the controls. Bogart earned his Field Champion in the fall of 2012. He has become a threat at any trial he is entered. He is an exciting dog to watch run. He has a flowing gait and an intense point. He is gentle and sweet and loves to play the field trial game.


Hips OFA —- Excellent


DNA # 

AKC # SR 50222506

Sire–3xNGDC 2x NAFC NVA NFC DC AFC MVSDCH Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger SH CGC

Birthday 06-12-2008

Dam–Crimson’s Holland from Linden 

FDSB # 1626077

2013 VCA NFC


Pedigree of Crimsons Dont Bogart That Joint / Crimsons Bogart That Joint
Crimsons Dont Bogart That Joint / Crimsons Bogart That Joint

Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger


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