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16-08-12 Casey 012 Training

16-08-12 Casey 014 Training




Barben’s Daisey Chain


Casey is the newest addition to our pack. She has come to us from Ben and Barbara Zahn of Barben Vizslas. We went on our family vacation and our souvenir was Casey. She is a new bloodline for our kennel coming from Dual Champion lines. She will help push our line for the Dual qualities so important in out breed. Casey is not just a pretty face. She has a good nose, a stylish point, she covers a lot of ground and is independent yet checks in often in the field. She is quite competitive and pushes to find the birds before any other dog. Casey had a good puppy / Derby career and is in the process of being broke. Look for her to be running a few field trials this fall. Casey is bred to Gauge for a litter going home in the late summer. If this pair is of interest please call us for more information.


16-08-12 Casey 006 Training





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Hips OFA —-


DNA # V701810

AKC # SR72610108




Birthday 04-26-2012



FDSB # 1672271

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