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Vizsla Training


We are like most owners of competition hunting dogs. Between work and our daughter, it leaves us with little time for training. Pam and I make the most of it and have trained in small open lots near our old house, public land that we drove hours to use and in the backyard of a postage stamp lot where we used to live. Moving to the farm has given us the ability to do most of our training in the backyard, although we still travel to use a private hunt club and public training grounds. We try to get our dogs on birds several times a week if possible. At our home we have homing pigeons and a quail coop to keep a constant supply of birds. If you stop by in the evenings you will often find Mark and possibly a few friends or new vizsla owners training their dogs. We try to keep the fields cut to be able to train year round.

Mark has tried many of the training systems and found Dave Walkers training to work best for him. He also trains with many aspects used by Perfection Kennels. The most important part of dog training is consistency. Mark would like to thank Jerry Jordan and Dave Walker for their help learning the Walker system. If you are in need of a "Pro trainer" I would recommend a few. Jerry Jordan and Dave Walker use His system, while Brian Gingrich of BG Gundogs uses the Perfection Kennel system. Denny Keeton of Linden Vizslas would be another call I would make.

We also have the luxury to keep our horses Hunter, Juez and Skip at the house making it easier to transport them to the training grounds and to Field trials.