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12-10-14 NAFC _153_10 Roxie Izzy

2011 11-11 VCA NAFC





FC AFC Crimson's Isidora Rizzini

Izzy is the merging of 2 of our bloodlines. Her mother is our "Ariel" Crimson's Arrieta Lady Double and her father is "Rigby" FC AFC MVSDCH Crimson's Lord Rigby of LindenShe has the looks of Ariel with a wider chest, and more bone that Rigby provides. She has picked up the best of both worlds. Izzy loves to hunt and made her first trip to hunt South Dakota pheasants at 4 months old.


Izzy is a very capable Field Trial Dog but she is truly a high class hunting dog. She runs at nice Gundog range opening up in appropriate cover. Izzy will hold a pheasant, grouse or quail forever. She will not leave a downed bird behind. She has an excellent nose and hunts with a purpose.


Izzy had an accomplished career in competition. In 2012 she received a placement in the VCA National Amateur Championship . In 2011 at just over 2 years old she placed 3rd in the Vizsla Club of America National Championship. She also made second series in the National Amateur Championship.


As a juvenile, In the spring of 2011 Izzy was entered the Midwest Vizsla Futurity and handled 4 or 5 birds broke and backed another dog on her own. I originally was breaking her to be my hunting dog to replace Madison. Her drive and style quickly changed my mind. She is a natural retriever and has a great temperament, which makes her a wonderful in the house.


Izzy is the Dam to our "Gauge", AFC Crimson's Double Twenty Gauge

She was also the Dam to the number 1 and 2 VCA Top Ten Puppy / Derby dogs in 2013


Izzy is now retired from competition but the pheasants need to watch out if she is around


2011 11-11 VCA NAFC






Hips OFA ----Excellent


DNA #V606755

AKC #SR 56426101

Pedigree of Crimson's Isidora Rizzini
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