Crimson Sky Vizslas




Crimson's Holland from Linden JH


Holly was a very energetic Vizsla that was extremely sweet and loving. She easily become Mark’s #1 hunting dog. She hunted hard held her points, always knowing when to push or hold a pheasant. She knew when to range and when to stay close. She craved our attention, especially Mark's and is the true example of the Velcro dog. She was the clown in the house as she would always make you laugh even today the stories are endless.


Holly was great with kids. You could usually find her playing dress-up or dog show with our daughter Hailey. Holly was also great with other dogs and puppies. She was the perfect mom who taught her puppies manners in a loving and playful way.


Holly was purchased from Denny and Linda Keeton from Linden’s Vizslas. She is a product of FC AFC Jumping Jack Flash II bread to Linden’s Bad Moon Rising. Holly earned her puppy/derby points in the field as well as her Junior Hunter title. She was always competitive and showed desire and style. After her puppy and Derby career I broke her to be my personal hunting or “meat dog”. She was an intense hunter and lived to be in the field. She had a lot of heart and her work ethic was extremely high. She never quit and know just how to handle the birds.


We will forever miss our Holly. They just never live long enough.



 Crimson's Holland from Linden JH






Hips OFA ---- Excellent


DNA #V433240

AKC #SR14806201


FC AFC Jumping Jack Flash II

Birthday 02-10-2004


Linden's Bad Moon Rising JH



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