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Crimson’s Holland From Linden JH

Holly was Hailey’s favorite. she was a fun energetic and loving vizsla that wanted to be with you or to be more specific on top of you. She was the example of the Velcro Vizsla. She was a hard hunting dog that always made the yearly hunting trip and rarely missed a local hunt. She was laid back in the house and was usually laying on the bed with her brothers or sisters. She was the queen of our pack. She was sure of her place took the top spot after Madison gave up her crown.

Holly was protective of her family and always let us know if something was out of place. Holly was clown that would put up with more than any other dog i know. She was Haileys favorite to play dress up with. We never knew what she would come in wearing. sometimes she would just look at us as if she was saying “look what she did”. In the field she was a driven hunting dog. it was all work. With her nose and tracking skills she always found her downed birds. She was solid on her birds knowing when to push or stand still.


Holly came to us from Denny and Linda Keeton of Linden Vizslas. Her sister Jade came along for the ride and went to Shiloh Kennels. They both became important parts of our breeding programs. Below in a picture of Holly (right) and Jade

06 Holly Misc009

Holly was honored to be one of subjects Michael Steddum painted. He painted Holly and Ariel sleeping on the couch. Michael has used several of Marks photographs for his paintings. Ruger was a favorite of his painting several of him and painting a special one for the National Bird Dog Museum and Hall of Fame in Grand Junction Tennesee. A side trip anyone driving through should make. Below is the photograph and painting comparison.

ariel 5
stedman print Holly Ariel

Holly Always the Clown




Hips OFA —- Good


DNA #V433240

AKC #SR14806201


FC AFC Jumping Jack Flash II

Birthday 02-10-04


Linden’s Bad Moon Rising JH



Pedigree of Crimson's Holland From Linden

Crimson's Holland From Linden

Jumping Jack Flash II

Grand Slam Sam

Rebel Rouser E T
Glamour MDL Ky
Desert Storm's Jet Tripper

Ek's Tripper
Desert Storm Brandi Roselle
Linden's Bad Moon Rising

Rebel Rouser N Lindens Cyote

Rebel Rouser E T
Rebel Rouser Sacajawea
Linden's Belle StarrFieldstone's Tip Top Mr T
Melody's Dixieland Delight
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