Crimson Sky Vizslas


NGDC FC AFC Crimson’s Double Twenty Gauge


Gauge has grown into a competitive “Shooting Dog” with the ability to handle like a gundog. He is the best of both worlds with the ability to excel in either gundog or shooting dog stakes. Gauge won the National Gundog Championship in 2019. The NGDC is  the Vizsla Club of America Walking Championship. it is a 1 hour Championship with shooting on course.

here is Gauge with his ribbons from 2019 NGDC Oak Ridge Pointing Dog club 



Gauge has also earned his Field Championship and Amateur Field Championship easily following in his fathers footsteps. With Ruger as his father he has some big shoes fill. He has his fathers looks, style and drive. He is very animated and enjoyable to watch in the field. He is even more fun to handle. He is a big running hard charging male with lots of style. His drive has made him a tough competitor. He wants to find the front and pushes to be there. He is not a run-off however. His temperament, makes him a team player and easy to handle. He always checks in making sure he knows where I am. If he disappears for an extended period of time he is standing a bird. His style, enthusiasm and animation make him fun to watch and compete. He backs and retrieves naturally. When hunting he handles his birds well. Even as hard as he works in the field he loves to cuddle in the house. He is curious and a clown as most Vizslas are.

Gauge Won the NGDC 2019

National Bird Hunters Association Invitational 2018

VCA NGDC 3rd 2018

VCA NGDC 3rd 2017

4th VCA NAFC 2016

Amateur Field Championship 2016

Field Championship in 2016

VCA Nationals

2nd series 2015

VCA NGDC honorable mention 2015


  As a Puppy / Derby he set the world on fire. Gauge ended his Derby career as #1 Puppy Derby on the VCA Top Ten List For Field. He won or Placed in almost every trial he was entered in. He received 2nd Runner up in the National Vizsla Association Trial entered in the National Quail Derby Classic. He also received an AOM at the VCA National Puppy stake 2013. Mingo Junction Sportsmans Club in Ohio.



Hips OFA —- Good


DNA # V674081

AKC # SR71340701


3xNGDC 2x NAFC NVA NFC DC AFC MVSDCH Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger SH HOF ROM CGC

Birthday 02-07-2012


FC AFC Crimson’s Isidora Rizzini


FDSB # 1644704