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Madison III SH CGC

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Madison was our first Vizsla. Our story is the same as many new owners. We wanted a hunting dog. Mark wanted a Weimaraner and had hunted over many German Shorthaired Pointers. Pam Didn’t like the size. We were at a pet fair to see some dogs. we saw the Vizsla and it was the perfect fit of size, beauty, and hunting abilities. Our journey took us to most of the breeders at the time. nobody had pups and it would be 6 months to a year before anyone was breeding. (not much different from today). one of our calls was to Busch Vizslas. Jim referred us to a litter in Madison Wisconsin. John had a litter that a couple friends had backed out on. The pups were 13 weeks old and ready to go. We went to pick up one of the females and were greeted by 2 very energetic vizslas flying over the couch to greet us. we would find that is a very normal greeting. In the end we chose our little girl. on the way home we tried to find a name and Madison was the winner.

From the day Madison came home Mark started training her for the field. we found help with a trainer that had classes, friends that were like minded. we read books and magazines. with no real training program it was a miracle she became the dog she did. She was a tough dog with a lot of drive she had her own ideas of how to do things. Madison probably taught me more than i taught her. She was and remains the best hunting dog i have ever had. Probably from all the time i put into her. The number of wild birds she was on. Madison could track a bird and never loose it. one time a bird was shot and it hit the ground running. she disappeared and was gone for about 10 minutes. when she came back she had a fully alive rooster in her mouth. she had gone though water, woods and fields to retrieve this bird. She never quit and never missed a hunting trip to Iowa or south Dakota. She is the dog i compare all dogs to. 

Madison was more than a hunting dog. She was part of the family. Hailey could do anything to her. She was protective of her family but never aggressive. Hailey was a baby laying on a blanket in the front yard. people would walk by she would stand up and put herself between Her and the sidewalk. when i would walk over to the blanket she would go off hunting in the yard. 

You can read more about Madison in stories and hunting trips. Madison brought us into a whole new life. she introduced us to some great friends, taught us about field trials and hunt tests. she pulled us into the local Vizsla Clubs. the Vizsla Club of illlinois and the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club. She also brought us into breeding. Madison was the mother to our Ruger, and Ariel. Madison was the subject of a Michael Steddum painting. side by side comparison below.


  Without her our life would not be the same.

Madison on Point
Madison print by Michael Steddum





Hips OFA —- Excellent



AKC #SN50341501

Sire– FC AFC Buster Keeton MH

Dam– Allie

 Birthday 12-21-97

Pedigree of Madison III

Madison III

Buster Keeton

Rebel Rouser E T

Rebel Rouser Bandieto *
Rebel Rouser Star

Linden's Little Jessie

Camarily Sand Dollar
Linden's Little Renegade


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Boshar's Budapest Babe
Francesca von Witwen

Abby Hills Winsong
Megan Marie Neuman
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