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Crimson's Wrecking Ball From Dry Creek

Twerk is the youngest of our pack. "Twerk" the number 1 question, why the name? Her mom is Hanna Montana and Vizslas wiggle their rear end. We just had to go down the Miley Cyrus road.

Twerk is sired by Ruger, Her mom Hanna is owned by Nancy Colwell of Dry Creek Vizslas and Kathy Boyd. Hanna is a full sister to Tommy by Tommy and granddaughter of Tommy Boy. With her fantastic lines. We look for great things from our little Wrecking Ball.

Twerk has grown into Pam's favorite (other than Ruger) She is the most laid back girl we own. she is happy go lucky like any California Vizsla should be. She however is not a slug in any way. She will run step for step with Rigby in the field. Her nose is excellent and the style is simply awesome. Twerk has a natural retrieving instinct and will chase a bird down to retrieve it. She is fairly submissive and doesn't wast her time in the power struggles. She wants to be friends with everyone. Twerk was not run in trials as a young dog. I had to many dogs running and she was not ready to be truly competitive. Twerk is spending the fall pheasant hunting. At this point we are trying to decide if she will be Marks hunting dog or make the jump to broke dog stakes. In either case she will be broke and trained for the field trial circuit.


 Crimson's Little Wrecking Ball




Hips OFA ---- Good



AKC #SR81714207


Drycreek's Hanna Montana



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