Crimson Sky Vizslas


Crimson’s Wrecking Ball from Dry Creek

Twerk training at Des Plaines Conservation area

Twerk is a loving Vizsla that can’t get enough of her family. She is the definition of the “Velcro Vizsla”. She wants to be with you whether you’re in the car, fishing or just hanging out at home. She is also an awesome hunting dog with a great nose, tons of style and an easy handle. Twerk turned into Mark’s hunting dog taking Holly’s place in the field. Twerk has the drive to disappear if the grounds warrant it, but will stay close if needed. She has the endurance to hunt for long periods and will rarely push a bird up by mistake.

Twerk was originally going to be a trial dog but with Mark competing 4-5 broke dogs and  her derby sister that was setting the world on fire  we had a need for a young hunting dog as Holly was getting older. Twerk was the perfect fit and enjoys her time in the field. While all our dogs also make hunting trips it is nice to have one that you are not trying to keep on the edge. 

Twerk came to us from California and was bred by Nancy Colwell. Her father was Ruger and her mother is CH Drycreeks Hanna Montana. Hanna is a beautiful female that brings show and field with her. We have always bred for the dual dog. Whenever you forget about the conformation side you loose something in the dog. If you don’t breed to hard hunting dogs you loose the field. This is why we wanted a puppy from Hanna Montana. Twerk is what every breeder should be striving for, a hard hunting dog with a great temperament, stunning looks that conforms nicely to the  standard.



Hips OFA — Good



AKC #SR 81714207





Pedigree of Crimson's Wrecking Ball From Dry Creek

Crimson's Wrecking Ball From Dry Creek

Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger


Madison III

Drycreek's Hanna Montana

Tommy Boy

Drycreek's Seein Is Believin
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