Crimson Sky Vizslas

15-04-02 Gauge 3rd RU Midwest Vizsla Futurity

2015 MVF JEPC Awards 3rd RU Rose




Barben N Crimson’s Wild Rose for Hailey

Rose is a high energy, hard charging field trial dog. She has the drive to find the front and stay there. She is headstrong in the field with the desire to hunt any upland bird around. She has a beautiful point with good manners on her birds. She is currently being broke for gundog stakes.


Don’t let her drive fool you. She is a very loving Vizsla. She wants to be with you and get all the loving she can. She is also great with kids and other dogs weather male or female. Rose will play all day long. She is one of our more dominant females which is one reason she has excelled in competition.


Rose conforms nicely to the AKC Vizsla Standard. She has a lot of show bloodlines behind her with field mixed in. Her Dam was was a Dual Champion Barben’s Absolut Joie De Vivre. She has several other Dual Champions in her line as well. and her Father was our Ruger, 3x NGDC 2xNAFC NFC DC AFC MVSDCH Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger SH. She was a combination of the Barben Vizsla line and our own. Several of her litter mates are showing great promise


Rose placed in the 2015 Midwest Vizsla Futurity. She earned her Puppy and Derby points easily. Watch for great things from this rising star!









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Hips OFA —- Good


DNA #V724443

AKC #SR 78616308




FDSB # 1672272

Pedigree of Barben N Crimson’s Wild Rose For Hailey
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