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FC AFC MVSDCH Crimson’s Lord Rigby of Linden SH

Rigby standing quail in competition
Vizsla Club America NAFC Rigby
Vizsla Club America NAFC
Rigby – Cheyenne Wy 4th place VCA National Amateur Field Championship


Rigby is a competitive “Shooting Dog” with good conformation and an excellent nose. Rigby is a big ranging, hard charging male that is all business in the field. He has great style and intensity on point with head and tail high. Rigby is the easiest dog I have trained and knows what I am asking before I tell him. He is tough in the field and a clown at home. Rigby loves to play with kids, puppies and other dogs. Don’t even think about throwing a ball retrieving is his favorite game and it will never end.

Rigby has proven himself in trials across the country. He has been winning and placing in gundog and shooting dog stakes all over the country. He earned his Field Championship FC in 2009, and in 2011 won a 2nd 4 point Retrieving major to finish his Amateur Field Championship AFC. In 2009 at a young 3 years old he won the Midwest Vizsla Shooting Dog Championship held in Ionia Michigan. The Championship is a 1 hour stake held under American Field Rules. He had a big forward run, held the edges with quality birdwork and a nice back. When other dogs were slowing he pushed harder. When the course demanded he handled easily and stayed close.


Rigby has had a rewarding National career receiving placements but never able to take home the win. his drive, speed and desire make things happen very quickly. he is a dog running on the knifes edge.

Rigby had a great Derby field trial career. In the spring of 2007 at 9 months he was awarded a 3rd place in the VCA National Puppy stake at Portage Wisconsin. In the fall of 2007, Rigby earned an award of merit in the VCA Nationals Derby stake held at Branched Oaks in Nebraska. Rigby has won or placed in almost every Puppy or Derby stake he was entered. Pam handled him to her first blue ribbon at the 2007 fall trial at the Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa. Rigby won the blue in all the three stakes he was entered at the VCOI fall trial and won 2nd runner up in the 2008 Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity.

Rigby was welped by Denny and Linda Keeton of Linden’s Vizslas. We looked a long time for the right breeding. Rigby’s sire is NAFC DC AFC Wildwoods Back With Zack, and his Dam is Berry’s Triple A. They made for the perfect combination of show and field. Rigby conforms nicely to the standard. With excellent hips, a nice chest, good bone and feet he should be in the conformation ring, Unfortunately he will never be shown due to an accident he had at 8 weeks old when his leg was broken. Fortunately this does not slow him down in the field, not even a little bit.

Rigby is a proven stud dog producing quality vizslas. Our Izzy is out of Rigby. He has produced multiple Show Champions and Field Champions. For more information contact CSV

Although Rigby is passed on he has left his mark on the Vizsla world. you can see his puppies and grandpuppies winning and across the country.

Rigby is available at stud to approved Females. frozen semen available.


2012 Cody Wy west town
Rigby Midwest Vizsla Shooting Dog Championship 2009




DNA #   V453949

AKC # SR36375101


NFC DC AFC MVSDCH Wildwoods Back with Zack MH


Birthday 07-17-2006


FC Berry’s Tripple A



FDSB # 1595528

rigby pedigree