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Crimson’s Arieta Lady Double JH


Ariel is a very sweet and kind Vizsla. Around the house she is very laid back and easy going. Ariel loves lounging with “her people” on the couch or bed, she also enjoys her own independence showing her desire and confidence in the field. Out in the field she hunts hard with great drive and style. She is the full sister to Ruger out of a repeat breeding of Madison to Raany.


Ariel earned many Puppy and Derby Field Trial placements and earned her Junior Hunter JH title while in training. Ariel runs big in the field and holds the birds well. She is a broke gun dog with a strong retrieving instinct. Ariel as most of our females spend more time hunting and less time field trialing. Ariel is one of my main hunting dogs and rarely misses a trip to hunt pheasants in Iowa or South Dakota.


Visit the Hunting stories and Event Writeup page for more about Ariel


Our Isidora Lady Double (Izzy) is a puppy from an Ariel Bread to Rigby litter. Ariel throws a lot of her personality, drive and looks into her pups. Our Izzy at just over 2 years of age placed 3rd in the Vizsla Club of America National Field Trial. She was one of 8 dogs called back for the second series. We are proud of Ariel and the pups she produces.


Ariel is past her long days in the field but she still spends time lounging and giving love.



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 Crimson’s Arrieta Lady Double




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Hips OFA —- Excellent


DNA #V423214

AKC #SR17618901





Birthday 05-22-06


Madison III SH CGC

 QOL #


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